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Chapter 1 – Strategic Planning


Chapter 2 – Strategic Analysis


Chapter 3 – Performance Analysis


Chapter 4 – Strategic Choice


Chapter 5 – Strategic Development


Chapter 6 – Governance and Its Principles


Chapter 7 – Stakeholders


Chapter 8 – Leadership


Chapter 9 – Board of Directors


Chapter 10 – Reporting


Chapter 11 – Internal Controls & Audit


Chapter 12 – Risks & Risk Management


Chapter 13 – Ethics & Professionalism


Chapter 14 – Organisational Structure


Chapter 15 – Information Technology


Chapter 16 – Online Marketing


Chapter 17 – Project Management


Chapter 18 – Financial Decision Making


Chapter 19 – Managing Change










Welcome to an extraordinary journey that will transform you into a master of strategic leadership. If you are an aspiring business professional seeking to enhance strategic acumen, then this book is your key to unlocking unparalleled success.


Do you want to level up your leadership skills? This book offers you an opportunity to tap into the theoretical secrets of successful strategic business leadership and aims to open doors to a world of limitless potential.


Strategic leadership is a coveted skill set in today’s dynamic business landscape. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, a director, or an aspiring executive, the principles and practices explored in this book will empower you to steer your organisation towards excellence.


Discover how to unleash your leadership potential, foster an ethical environment, and create value that sets you apart from the competition. Develop the ability to evaluate governance effectiveness, analyse strategic options, and make informed decisions that shape your organisation’s destiny. Gain insights into responsible risk management, harness disruptive technologies, and leverage data analytics to drive transformative change.


This book will also illuminate the importance of talent management, resource optimisation, and the application of high-level financial techniques. By immersing yourself in these pages, you’ll cultivate the strategic mindset necessary to propel your career to new heights.


So, if you are an aspiring strategic business leader, prepare to embark on a transformative journey. Let this book be your gateway to unlocking the extraordinary leader within you. The knowledge, skills, and wisdom you will gain here will shape your path towards professional excellence and make you a driving force in the realm of strategic business leadership. Embrace the possibilities and prepare to redefine your future.


Part of being a strategic business leader is to be forward looking, embracing new technologies to assist in becoming more efficient. This book does exactly that. I have embraced the growth of remarkably smart artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by using AI to help craft this book. The drawback of using AI is that sometimes inaccuracies can sneak in. With that in mind, the content may contain inadvertent errors or biases inherent to AI.


Now the legal bit; neither the author nor associated parties are liable for any inaccuracies or decisions based on this content. Readers are advised to approach with discretion and cross-check crucial information. The content provided is meant for educational purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice.

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